Panty Mickey the Trampling Carpet! SpankBang

Panty Mickey the Trampling Carpet! SpankBang play

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. we laid there until it got dark just looking in to each others eyes not having to say anythink. i love you too" saying that as i pulled the covers over my head harvey moved the covers from around my butt and slapped it "harvey piss off!!!" harvey climed back into bed and said ""cant you tell you not a morning person"" ""baby let me sleep"" "nope its like 1pm babe" "baby please" "okay baby but it not fair you using your cuteness on me" harvey said that i said "get undressed baby" harvey started undressing and got back into bed i said to him "you still got your boxer shorts on" "of course i have babe" "i think your a little over dressed" saying that as i was rubbing his crouch "i thought you wanted to sleep leon" kind of pissed he called me leon i said "i am tired HARVEY" over saying his name harvey looked at me with his gorgous eyes and once again i melted and said "baby hold me so i can go back to sleep faster please" harvey held my body like he was protecting me and i loved that feeling "want me to sing you to sleep babe" (now i love singing i can sing and i was so happy to hear harvey can too) i smiled and said "please babe" harvey already knowing my favourt classical song started singing green sleeve in my ear i loved the way he sang like it was effortless but he still sounded like a angel about 5 minutes later i was back to sleep in my babys arms to be continued ((***mr lightmyfire i have answered you a few time now i am telling you without manners i will not take your virginity and harvey wont be taking it to!!!!!!!!!!!***))

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. . I looked at Casey as I put my cock away and closed my pants, grinning at her with one side of my mouth

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Mickey the Trampling Carpet!

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