Hispanic PL-4 (Using her fur pie licker) Brother

Hispanic PL-4 (Using her fur pie licker) Brother play

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He was drunk and had hit me so I ran"  "what is your name?"  "hailey"  "that's a pretty name do you have a place to stay?" "I can walk to my house it's about five or six miles from here"  "would you like me to walk you home? It's pretty dark we can go to my place and grab flash lights"  "if you don't mind I dont want to be a bother"  "of course not come on it's only a little over a mile" "ok" she said as we began walking off to my house
. I shoved the last bit of waffle in my mouth as I walked into the laundry room and took all the clothes out of the dryer and took them up stairs grabbing a pair of socks underwear jeans and a white T-shirt I took a shower got dressed and checked my phone I had a text message from minna  "sorry :(" is all it said. "hey s-" I cut her off  "do you have a boyfriend?!" she didn't respond  "let me repeat myself do you have a boyfriend?!"  "of course not silly" she said with a smile I her voice "that's good cause I thought you were dating timothy miller" there was a long silence She began sobbing "I'm sor-" I cut her off again  "what the he'll is your problem you cheat on your boyfriend that you don't tell me about and when I ask you about it, instead of coming clean you lied again then you try to apologies once you realize you have been caught, what the Fuck is your problem" I was pissed now, I was like an explosion without an end Shaved Pussy. . He started fucking her pussy with 3 fingers, then four, then five


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PL-4 (Using her fur pie licker)

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Very fuckable
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